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> Russia Protests Grounding of Syria-Bound Plane - RIAN 10.11.12
> Cigarette Makers Wage Final Battle to Tame Russian Bill - Bloomberg 10.11.12

> Moscow's March of Millions under question
> [TRANSCRIPT:] Interview by President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Russia Today TV Channel
> Gazprom Strikes Back at EU Panel
> BBG ROUNDTABLE: New Russian Laws ­ Tightening the Noose on Free Speech? [Sept. 19, 2012 in Washington, D.C.]
> CSIS CONFERENCE: Religious and Ethnic Tolerance in South Caucasus and Central [Sept. 11, 2012, in Washington, D.C.]
> Islam, Islamism, and Politics in Eurasia Report (IIPER), No. 60

> Russian Economy Can Develop Normally At Oil Price of $80/barrel — Ministry
> Forced Growth Envisaged in Presidential Decree Fraught With Macroeconomic Imbalances — Ministry
> Russia Ranked 67 in WEF Global Competitiveness Index
> Most Russians resent Moscow — survey

> Putin Ready to Work with Next U.S. President
> Russia's 'Military Reform': Flowers, Weeds and AWOL Gardeners
> What Awaits Investors in the Far East After APEC
> Church will increase spiritual influence on authorities, society — Patriarch Kirill

> Russia's Image Hinders Investments in It — Medvedev
> Backdrop of violence: The Caucasus conflict belies Putin's pleas for calm as it spreads to Tatarstan
> Impossible to combat Islamism in Russia without restricting certain rights and liberties — expert
> Media law criticized: Legislation aimed at protecting children causes concern
> PUTIN TRANSCRIPT: Celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the battle of Borodino

> Russian Experts Mull Prospect Of Syrian Conflict Prompting Civil War In Lebanon - RIAN 8.24.12
> Russians aware of entry into WTO, know little about WTO goals — poll - Interfax 8.27.12
> Putin Reaffirms Russia's Commitment to Nuclear Disarmament - Interfax 8.24.12

> WTO Gives Impetus to Shorten Russia's 'Blacklist' - MT 8.24.12
> Transit Across Russia Key APEC Theme - MT 8.24.12
> Societal Shifts in Russia — new issue of Pro et Contra - Carnegie Moscow Center 8.23.12

> New Book on Soviet-Japanese War of 1939 - from Wayne Merry 8.15.12
> New Paper Analyzes Putin's Return to the Presidency of Russia - from Joseph Dresen 8.20.12

> The Failure of Democracy in Post-Soviet Eurasia - Kennan Institute 6.12.12
> Almost Half Of Russian Do Not Want Putin To Seek Fourth Presidential Term — Poll - Interfax 8.23.12
> Imagine Kadyrov in Charge of the North Caucasus - MT 8.24.12
> Media freedom in the Russian regions? You must be joking ... - Galina Arapova/opendemocracy.net 8.24.12

> Russia's Chubais Eyes U.S. Tech Firms With Putin Blessing - Bloomberg 8.24.12
> Why the Pussy Riot Judge Hid Her Face - MT 8.24.12

> Business Fights Back Against Kremlin War on Vice - MT 8.23.12
> Ombudsman May Appeal Pussy Riot Verdict - RIAN 8.23.12
> Moscow Calls Hasty And Politically-motivated Western Comments on Pussy Riot Case - Interfax 8.22.12

> Economics Ministry Paints Blacker 2012 Outlook - RIAN 8.23.12
> Senators Set Up Commission To Monitor WTO Accession Effect On Russian Regions - Interfax 8.22.12
> Material needs of Russians declining — research - Interfax - 8.23.12
> Financial institution shake-up looks 'promising': The government is on the right track with its raft of projects to improve the financial sector, analysts say - MN 8.22.12

> Russians Abroad. The Lure of the Mediterranean. - Sergei Roy 8.21.12

> Russia finally joins WTO - MN 8.22.12
> Shoigu Promotes Transparency, Elections Coverage - MT 8.21.12
> Gazprom gets the go ahead for St. Pete skyscraper; The controversial construction has a new erection site - MN 8.21.12

> Report on Putin's 'Politburo 2.0' Sets Tongues Wagging - MT 8.22.12
> POLITBURO 2012: Political scientists came up with the list of most powerful people in Russian politics - JRL Newslink Blog 8.22.12 covering Moskovskiye Novosti
> The Nationalists and the Protest Movement - Alexander Verkhovsky/opendemocracy.net 8.21.12

> East side story: While Europe still buys the majority of Russia's resources, a risk of declining demand is spurring Russian firms to look to Asia for new customers - MN 8.20.12
> APEC and Pussy Riot - MN 8.20.12
> Opposition Fears Split Over Pussy Riot Case - MT 8.21.12
> Pussy Riot Copycats Demonstrate at Cathedral in Germany - MT 8.21.12

> Pussy Riot's Crime and Unfair Punishment- MT 8.20.12
> Guilty Verdict Puts the Heat on Putin - MT 8.20.12
> Pussy Riot and Russia's corrupt creative intelligentsia - Peter Lavelle 8.19.12

> Immigration Drives Russian Population Increase - RIAN 8.20.12
> Analyst Questions Kremlin's Threats Against Iran - MT 8.20.12
> Flowers mark 21st anniversary of failed Communist putsch - MN 8.20.12

> Why The Kremlin Is Losing - RFE/RL 8.17.12
> Updating Russia's repressive software (and why the genie will say 'no') - Nicu Popescu/opendemocracy.net 8.16.12
> Putin's Approval Rating at Post-Election Low — Survey - RIAN 8.17.12

> INTERVIEW: Wendy Sherman, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs : Moscow's position on Syria may have disastrous consequences for Russia - Interfax 8.17.12
> U.S. Keeps Russia on 'National Threat' List- RIAN 8.17.12
> Pussy Riot singers were motivated by hatred for believers — court verdict - Interfax 8.17.12
> Pussy Riot Trial Verdict: Live Updates - RIAN 8.17.12
> Pussy Riot stunt less harmful to society than their imprisonment — Yavlinsky - Interfax 8.17.12

> ONLINE POLL: U.S.-RUSSIAN COOPERATION: What issues are most important to U.S.-Russian relations? - 7.27.12
> PUSSY RIOT ONLINE POLL: You Decide — what should be the fate of Pussy Riot? - 7.27.12
> Russia, over the cuckoo's nest - Dmitri Travin/opendemocracy.net 8.14.12
> One Hundred Days of Putin - RIAN 8.13.12
> Russia Wants Clarity About U.S. Plans Regarding Afghanistan — Deputy Defense Minister - Interfax 8.9.12
> Influence of Internet community on real life should not be overestimated — Medvedev - Interfax 8.10.12
> Russia Is No China To Have Sports Under State Control — Kremlin Chief Of Staff - RIAN 8.9.12
> Russians Do More to Stay Healthy — Survey - Interfax 8.10.12
> Controversial Language Law Enters Force in Ukraine - RIAN 8.10.12

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Russia News External Links

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:: What the Papers Say, July 19, 2012 - Moscow Times 7.19.12
:: Russian Energy: Struggle for Control - Chatham House 7.18.12
:: Russia’s chief concern in Syria is to deny west a victory - Financial Times 7.18.12
:: Top Muslim cleric shot dead in Russia's Tatarstan - AP 7.19.12
:: Global Jihadism Comes to Russia’s North Caucasus - Fair Observer 7.12.12
:: U.S. Senate panel approves Russia trade, rights bill - Reuters 7.18.12
:: RF, US presidents did not discuss Assad future - ITAR-TASS 7.19.12
:: Restoration works under way in southern Russia, people blame authorities - ITAR-TASS 7.16.12
:: Why Russia Won't Yield on Syria - Bernard Gwertzman, Dmitri Simes/Council on Foreign Relations - 7.16.12
:: Why Russia Doesn't Hold the Keys to Syria - David Kramer, Lilia Shevtsova/The American Interest 7.11.12
:: Putin's Got America Right Where He Wants It - Michael Weiss/Foreign Policy Magazine 6.28.12

:: SLIDESHOW - Ambassador Michael McFaul. "The Reset": Theory, Results, Future. - NEWSLINK - McFaul presentation at NES 6.7.12
:: In Russia, corruption continues unabated after reformer is gunned down - NEWSLINK - WP 6.11.12
:: Russian police raid apartments of protest leaders - NEWSLINK - WP 6.11.12
:: Organizers of March of Millions issue policy manifesto - NEWSLINK - ITAR-TASS 6.10.12
:: Law on rally violations comes into force - NEWSLINK - ITAR-TASS 6.9.12
:: The 5 Types of Russian American - NEWSLINK - darussophile 6.11.12
:: Canada Can Help Russia With Northern Sea Route - NEWSLINK - Michael Byers/MT 6.8.12

:: Russia's Strategy - NEWSLINK - Stratfor 4.24.12
:: Putin's New Economic Liberalism - NEWSLINK - Anders Aslund/MT 4.24.12
:: Kremlin bill passes in parliament, but barely - NEWSLINK - AP 4.25.12

:: Confrontation between authorities and opposition over Astrakhan elections continues - NEWSLINK - ITAR-TASS 4.16.12
:: Another region governor dismissed - NEWSLINK - ITAR-TASS 4.15.12
:: McDonald’s plans to open 45 restaurants in Russia in 2012 - NEWSLINK - ITAR-TASS 4.16.12
:: Economic Development Ministry proposes government two variants for boosting Russia’s economy - NEWSLINK - ITAR-TASS 4.16.12
:: Medvedev's foreign policy paid off - NEWSLINK - RBTH 4.16.12
Simplistic portrayals of Putin as Bond villain cripple diplomacy - NEWSLINK - independent.ie 4.15.12

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Johnson's Russia List
11 October 2012
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In this issue


1. RIA Novosti: Medvedev Pledges Education Spending to Match Defense.
2. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Vladimir Putin 2.0: A harder, eastward-looking presidency.
3. www.foreignpolicy.com: Youth group produces ultimate Putin meme mash-up... with sexy ladies, of course.
4. Valdai Discussion Club: Yevgeny Minchenko, Putin's public actions: A unique style is a competitive advantage.
5. Valdai Discussion Club: Irina Hakamada, Flights with Siberian white cranes and other PR events of Vladimir Putin.
6. New York Times: A Flock Too Stubborn for Even Putin to Control.
7. Bloomberg: Cigarette Makers Wage Final Battle to Tame Russian Bill.
8. Moscow Times/BBC Monitoring: What the Papers Say, Oct. 11, 2012.
10. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. Only one member of the Pussy Riot band released from prison.
11. AP: Russian judges in Pussy Riot case defend their decision to keep 2 band members behind bars.
12. Interfax: Samutsevich was freed because she didn't have time to shout in church - judge.
14. Interfax: Samutsevich says she will continue involvement in Pussy Riot affairs.
15. Public Radio International: Russian Orthodox Church stakes out assertive role on social issues.
16. Novye Izvestia: UNDER WAY. Politial scientist: There are 38-39 million protesters in Russia. POLLSTERS SAY THAT PROTEST MOODS WITHIN SOCIETY ARE IRREVERSIBLE NOW.
17. Christian Science Monitor: Anti-Putin opposition groups still finding their way.
18. Interfax: Federation Council: Russian opposition should prove its political relevance by deeds. (Valentina Matviyenko)
19. RIA Novosti: Russian Protest Leader Quizzed Over Coup Claims. (Sergei Udaltsov)
20. RFE/RL: Smartphone App Lets Russians Call Out Bribes.
21. www.russiatoday.com: Russian Interior Minister sees ideological extremism as primary security threat.
22. Valdai Discussion Club: Viktor Litovkin, Russia tested its military reforms with maneuvers in the Caucasus.
23. New York Review of Books: Amy Knight, Russia: The New Struggle with Putin.
24. Jamestown Foundation Eurasia Daily Monitor: Pavel Baev, Putin's Jubilee Finds Him Clueless, Isolated and Ridiculed.
25. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Stalingrad and Stalinism Returning to Russia's Political Map, Pavlova Says.


26. www.russiatoday.com: Russians are getting wealthier but inequality grows.
27. RIA Novosti: Putin Calms Russians Over Poor Harvest.
28. www.russiatoday.com: Capital outflow will stay at last year's level - regulator.
29. Russia Beyond the Headlines/RBC Daily: Gazprom to build two more lines. Following the launch of Nord Stream's second pipeline, Gazprom is expected to invest in a third and fourth line for gas delivery to Britain and Germany.


30. Vedomosti editorial: REJECTION. MOSCOW REFUSES TO EXTEND THE NUNN-LUGAR PROGRAM. [Official Moscow is going too far with its rejection of foreign aid in dealing with major problems.
31. New York Times: Russia Won't Renew Pact on Weapons With U.S.
32. Bellona.org: Charles Digges, US Nunn-Lugar officials rebut reports of its demise as media seem to dig its grave.
33. RIA Novosti: Russia Protests Grounding of Syria-Bound Plane.
34. Russia Beyond the Headlines/VPK Daily: Yevgeny Satanovsky, Waiting for the moment of truth in the Middle East. The United States is no longer able to ignore the anti-Americanism of its erstwhile "clients," while Russia continues along its path of neutrality.
36. Reuters: Iraq wants Russians to replace Exxon at West Qurna: report.
37. Reuters: NATO must have U.N. mandate for post-2014 Afghan mission - Russia.
38. www.globalpost.com: Tom Balmforth, Russians back a second term for Obama. However, the country's leaders may find Mitt Romney's confrontational stance more useful.
39. www.globalpost.com: US Election: What if Russia could vote?
40. www.russiatoday.com: Romney has not learned a thing from Bush's failures ­ Russia. (Aleksey Pushkov)
41. www.foreignpolicy.com: John Arquilla, Yes, Russia Is Our Top Geopolitical Foe. Why Mitt Romney is right about Moscow.
42. Moscow Times: Georgy Bovt, Don't Wait for a Ivanishvili Thaw With Russia.
43. Moscow Times: Konstantin Sonin, Saakashvili's Democratic Legacy.
44. Christian Science Monitor: US takes wait-and-see approach to Georgia's Ivanishvili.
45. Forbes.com: Mark Adomanis, Georgia is Moving Toward the West And There Is No Need To 'Mourn' Mikhail Saakashvili.
46. Voice of America: James Brooke, Charm Alert! Georgia Welcomes Russian Tourists.

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