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Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

Shadowy Figures with Hats, Overcoats, and Briefcases in Dim LightSecurity Services, Intelligence, Spies, Spy Allegations - Excerpts 2006-12
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> Spy vs. Spy: Wiretapping On The Increase In Russia - RFE/RL 7.16.12

:: The Russian state and surveillance technology
First in a series of investigations outlining how the Russian state is now monitoring its online public ...

:: Navalny Donors Fret About FSB 'Leak'
The Federal Security Service reportedly has collected personal data on people who donated to whistleblower Alexei Navalny, and the information was later leaked to third parties, including possibly a pro-Kremlin youth movement ...

:: Skypomania
In effect, the FSB is saying Russians should not use internet services when the intelligence agency cannot trace the messages that travel through them (Skype, Gmail and Hotmail do not share encryption codes with the FSB) ...
:: FSB Backs Away From Gmail Ban
The Federal Security Service called for a ban on Skype, Gmail and Hotmail as a major threat to national security but then backtracked ...
:: Russian Public Figures Oppose Ban On Skype, Gmail, Hotmail
There has been widespread reaction from Russian public figures to reports that the Russian authorities want to ban internet services such as Skype, Gmail and Hotmail ...
:: Siloviki face-off
According to some versions of a Medvedev meeting with Chaika and Bastrykin, Medvedev reportedly warned both officials against using relatives as hostages, and told them to keep their squabbles private ...
:: Russian Minister Slams Leading Think Tank's Proposals To Reform Security Bodies
Shuvalov said the report was not in line with the position of Medvedev himself ...
:: INSOR Suggests Disbanding FSB, Interior Ministry
The Institute of Contemporary Development has suggested disbanding the FSB, reviving the Federal Counterintelligence Service, turning prosecutor's offices into civilian institutions and making other changes to law enforcement and security-related institutions ...

:: Spy Anna Chapman to Host 'Mysteries' Russian Television Show
Russian spy Anna Chapman, expelled from the U.S. last year, will host a television show dedicated to exposing "the biggest secrets in the world," the Moscow- based network that hired her said ...

Security Services, Intel, Spy Allegations - Excerpts 2006-10
An American Nightmare: Russia's Reaction to WikiLeaks Indicates It Is in No Mood to Destroy the Reset with United States
Tai Adelaj, Russia Profile; JRL 2010-223; Dec. 1, 2010
:: Government Brushes Off U.S. Leaks
Nikolaus von Twickel, Moscow Times; JRL #2010-222, Nov. 30, 2010
:: Russia reshuffles foreign intelligence after spy scandal
RIA Novosti; JRL #2010-222, Nov. 30, 2010
:: Russian magazine to publish 'exclusive' materials from Wikileaks
Interfax; JRL #2010-222, Nov. 30, 2010
:: WikiLeaks revelations no threat to Russia's ties with other states - Kremlin
RIA Novosti; JRL #2010-222, Nov. 30, 2010
:: Fradkov Under Fire for Spy Defection
Alexander Bratersky, Moscow Times; JRL 2010-212; Nov. 12, 2010
:: Georgia Arrests Russian Spies Operating Before War
Helena Bedwell, Bloomberg; JRL #2010-208, Nov. 5, 2010
:: FSB Measure Points toward Return of 'Good Old Times' of Soviet Past, 'Nezavisimaya' Says - Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia; JRL 2010-203; Oct. 28, 2010
:: On the Tenth Anniversary of the Apartment Block Bombings in Russia, Conde Nast Offers the World a Lesson on the Drawbacks of Self-Censorship
By Roland Oliphant, from Russia Profile; JRL #2009-168, Sept. 10, 2009
:: Russians do not believe 1999 blasts were orchestrated by secret services - poll
From Interfax; JRL 2009-168, Sept. 10, 2009
:: Mystery Hangs Over ‘Black September’ Blasts
By Nikolaus von Twickel, from The Moscow Times; JRL #2009-168, Sept. 10, 2009
The Truth Russians Can’t Know
:: Snooping Decree Declared Illegal
By Natalya Krainova, from The Moscow Times; JRL 2009-166, Sept. 7, 2009
:: Security Services Step Up Snooping
By Natalya Krainova, from The Moscow Times; JRL 2009-165, Sept. 4, 2009
:: FSB to patrol 'Abkhaz waters'
From Interfax; JRL 2009-161, Aug. 31, 2009
:: Human rights activists hail Medvedev's decision on treason, espionage amendments
From Interfax; JRL #2009-19, Jan. 28, 2009
:: Public Chamber slams bill banning jury trials in terrorism, espionage cases
From Interfax; JRL #2008-229, Dec. 18, 2008.
:: Russian Foreign Intelligence Service declassifies Munich Agreement papers
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL #2008-177, Sept. 30, 2008.
:: Invitation to Andrew Meier's event at the NYPL on September 24 -
The Lost Spy: Espionage & Idealism, Before the Cold War
From Elizabeth Bradley; JRL #2008-170, Sept. 17, 2008.
By Jonas Bernstein, from The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor; JRL #2008-99, May 19, 2008.  
:: A Lineup Aimed at Taming Siloviki
By Francesca Mereu and Max Delany, from The Moscow Times; JRL #2008-96, May 15, 2008.  
:: Camping With Siloviki: How Will Dmitry Medvedev Deal with the Security Services?
By Sergei Tereshenkov, from Russia Profile; JRL #2008-87, May 2, 2008.  
:: Transcript of Remarks by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
CIA transcript (excerpts re: Russia); JRL #2008-86, May 2, 2008.
By Pavel K. Baev, from The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor; JRL #2008-65, March 31, 2008.  
:: Medvedev Against Demonizing Former Secret Agents In Power
From Interfax; JRL #2008-64, March 28, 2008.
:: Putin Made Good on Promise to FSB
By Francesca Mereu, from The Moscow Times; JRL #2008-28, Feb. 8, 2008.
:: [Putin Remarks at] Speech at an Enlarged Session of the Federal Security Service (FSB) Presidium Moscow
Kremlin.Ru transcript; JRL #2008-22, Jan. 31, 2008.
:: Russia: Uncertainty Over Putin Succession Fuels 'Siloviki War
By Brian Whitmore, from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty; JRL #2007-234, Nov. 12, 2007.
By Jonas Bernstein, from The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor; JRL #2007-230, Nov. 6, 2007.
:: Russia: Why The Chekist Mind-Set Matters
By Robert Coalson, from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty; JRL #2007-216, Oct. 16, 2007.
By Pavel K. Baev, from The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor; JRL #2007-213, Oct. 11, 2007.
:: Russia intercepted over 300 foreign spies in past 4 years - FSB
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL #2007-212, Oct. 10, 2007.
:: A Mystery Executive With a Familiar Past
By Miriam Elder, from The Moscow Times; JRL #2007-21, Oct. 11, 2007.
:: Scientist: Russian Official Secrets Law Needs Changing
From Interfax; JRL #2007-Special Edition, Sept. 24, 2007.
:: No charges brought against Russian scientists yet, security service says
From Interfax; JRL #2007-179, Aug. 22, 2007.
:: Activists Urge Russian Ombudsman To Defend Scientists
From Interfax; JRL #2007-178, Aug. 21, 2007.
:: Russia's secret FSB files will never be declassified - head of archives
From Interfax; JRL #2007-150, July 9, 2007.
:: FSB Declassifies Archives Dating Back To Period Of Political Reprisals From Interfax; JRL #2007-150, July 9, 2007.
:: Berezovsky Faces FSB Coup Charges
By Anatoly Medetsky, from The Moscow Times; JRL #2007-147, July 3, 2007.
:: CIA Releases Two Collections of Historical Documents
Central Intelligence Agency; JRL #2007-142, June 27, 2007.
:: U.S. intelligence chief says Russian spies at "Cold War levels"
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL #2007-129, June 7, 2007.
:: Russia not increasing intelligence activities in the USA, say veterans
From Interfax; JRL #2007-129, June 9, 2007.
:: Russia-U.K. intelligence ties to continue despite Litvinenko -source
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL #2007-121, May 29, 2007.
:: U.S. concerned over Russia's intelligence ops - McConnell
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL #2007-101, May 2, 2007.
:: [Putin] Speech at Enlarged Collegium of the Russian Federal Security Service
Kremlin.Ru transcript; JRL 2007-24, Feb. 1, 2007.
:: Russian president sets tasks for FSB at collegiate meeting
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL 2007-23, Jan. 31, 2007.
:: Russian officials oppose Iran's idea of creating gas cartel
From Russian (government) Information Agency Novosti; JRL 2007-22, Jan. 30, 2007.
:: [Putin] Speech at the New Headquarters of the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff
Kremlin.Ru transcript; JRL 2006-252, Nov. 9, 2006.
:: Almost all the lay informers implanted in Church in Soviet times left it when the regime changed - Moscow Patriarchate
From Interfax; JRL 2006-178, Aug. 7, 2006.
:: Researchers Throw Up Their Arms
By Anatoly Medetsky, from The Moscow Times; JRL 2006-171, July 28, 2006.
:: Russia makes policy to declassify large-scale maps, hide secret sites - agency
From Interfax; JRL 2006-163, July 19, 2006.
:: Konstantin Preobrazhensky Interview
From Washington ProFile; JRL 2006-27, Jan. 29, 2006.
:: Civil Society Will Emerge, Spies or Not
Moscow Times editorial; JRL 2006-24, Jan. 26, 2006.
:: Parliament resolution censures secret service links with NGOs
From Russian Information Agency Novosti; JRL 2006-23, Jan. 25, 2006.
:: Putin wants proposals from Foreign Ministry, FSB over 'spy row'
From Interfax; JRL 2006-23, Jan. 25, 2006.
:: Russian senators set to discuss British spy scandal
From Interfax; JRL 2006-23, Jan. 25, 2006.
:: British intelligence broke agreement - Russian security service
From Russian Information Agency Novosti; JRL 2006-22, Jan. 24, 2006.

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