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No charges brought against Russian scientists yet, security service says

Moscow, 21 August: No charges have been brought against two Novosibirsk scientists Oleg and Igor Minin; no measure has been taken as to their detention, a statement by the press service of Federal Security Service [FSB] said on Tuesday [21 August].

"The Investigations Committee of the FSB is currently looking into materials of the criminal case. Results of the inquiry will define court proceeding and relevant legal action in connection with the case," the statement said.

"The Russian FSB directorate for Novosibirsk Region is investigating the criminal case based on the evidence of crime under Article 283 of the Russian Criminal Code (disclosing state secrets) with regard to Igor and Oleg Minin, employees of the institute of applied physics. The case was opened on 2 April 2007 with the approval of the Novosibirsk Region prosecutor's office," the press service said.

The press service added that "opening of the case was based on the preliminary decision of experts saying that a monograph published by above-mentioned persons has disclosed state secrets about scientific, research and engineering work in the design of weapons".

"The comprehensive forensic expertise made its decision on 9 July 2007 as part of investigation. According to expertise, some information published in the monograph is classified as state secrets," the statement says.