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INSOR Suggests Disbanding FSB, Interior Ministry

MOSCOW. March 16 (Interfax) - The Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR) has suggested conducting a fundamental reform of law enforcement bodies, disbanding the Federal Security Service (FSB) and turning the prosecutor's offices into civilian institutions.

FSB Headquarters

Its latest report on the 2012 strategy the full version of which was published on Wednesday suggests disbanding the Interior Ministry by splitting it into several federal institutions, the regional police and municipal militia.

"The Federal Criminal Police Service would become the main successor of the Interior Ministry at the federal level," the report says. INSOR experts believe that the main tasks of the service would be resistance to grave violent and property crimes.

INSOR suggested setting up municipal law enforcement bodies that would be subordinate only to the local community - the population and elected municipal bodies and be financed solely from local budgets. "The leaders of the municipal police would be elected by the public in every community and they would regularly report to the residents," the report says.

"Simultaneously the constituent territories of Russia would set up regional police services subordinate only to the authorities of every particular territory," the report says adding that the objective of the regional police would be to prevent, identify and investigate violent and property crimes of medium gravity.

"A system of indicators by which police efforts are measured would play a big role here. The public evaluation of the performance of police services would become a key indicator," the report says.

INSOR believes that OMON and SOBR special police forces should be transformed and form the core of the armed divisions of the federal criminal police and regional police services.

"Interior Troops would be transformed into the National Guard subordinate to the president of the Russian Federation," the report says. It would be the objective of the guard to guarantee emergency situation regulations and suppress major acts of terrorism.

"The Federal Financial Police Service with divisions throughout the country located according to the district principle would replace units for combating economic crimes at the Interior Ministry and the Federal Security Service (FSB)," the report suggests.

The report also suggests disbanding FSB and reviving the Federal Counterintelligence Service that would be responsible for information security and guarding state secrets.

INSOR suggests restoring the Federal Border Service and separating the presidential security service from the Federal Bodyguard Service. The demilitarized Federal Bodyguard Service would get an additional function of protecting witnesses and victims.

The Federal Service for Corrective Institutions should have its own armed units to guard places of confinement.

INSOR suggested turning the prosecutor's offices into regular civilian legal institutions.

"The armed forces formed on a voluntary basis would mean an end to the war of the state against demography and the demand of the economy for human resources. Strong reformed police would signify the fulfillment of functions of fair compulsion and guarantee law and order not only in the interests of the state but also in the interests of the individual. Modernized special services would stop their secret war against citizens of the country and perform functions of protecting these citizens from real threats, including terrorism," the report says.

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