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Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

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:: Differing duo
The apparent rift between President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over Western military action in Libya has provoked a media firestorm ...
:: Military Campaign in Libya to Ease; Russia Calls for Truce
Gates said the intensity of the military campaign in Libya will ease in the next few days, while Serdyukov called for an immediate ceasefire by both sides ...

:: The Clash Over Libya: Russia's Ambivalent Libya Policy Is Stuck between the International Mainstream and Its Non-Interference Doctrine
The Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday condemned air strikes on Libya mandated by a UN resolution, despite the fact that Russia abstained from the vote ... Tom Balmforth, Russia Profile
Medvedev Clashes With Putin as Premier Slams Libya 'Crusade'
Medvedev dismissed as "unacceptable" Putin's description of Western-led attacks on Libya as a "crusade," their first public foreign-policy spat ... Lyubov Pronina, Anton Doroshev, Henry Meyer, Bloomberg; JRL 2011-52, March 22, 2011
:: TRANSCRIPT: Statement by Dmitry Medvedev on the situation in Libya
"Acting on these considerations, Russia supported UN Security Council resolution 1970, and abstained on UN Security Council resolution 1973 ...
kremlin.ru; JRL 2011-52, March 22, 2011
:: TRANSCRIPT: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin comments on the situation in Libya during a meeting with workers at the Votkinsk plant in Udmurtia
"Naturally, Libya is a complex country ..." premier.gov.ru ; JRL 2011-52, March 22, 2011
:: Politicians, Pundits Divided On Apparent Medvedev-Putin Disagreement On Libya
Gozman believes that different assessments of Libya by Putin and Medvedev may be a sign of a personal confrontation ... Interfax; JRL 2011-52, March 22, 2011
:: Leading Russian Pundit Says Putin's Statement On Libya Was A Mistake
Pavlovskiy fears that a situation may arise which will slip out of the tandem's control ... Interfax; JRL 2011-52, March 22, 2011
:: 'Humanitarian intervention' in Libya exacerbates regional situation - Zavarzin
The coalition military operation against Muammar Gaddafi resembles NATO's 1999 operation against Yugoslavia, and 'the humanitarian intervention' exacerbates the regional situation, Zavarzin said ...
Interfax; JRL 2011-51, March 21, 2011
:: Bombing of Libya Would Become "gift" For Violators of Non-proliferation Regime - Russian Expert
Arbatov argued that the UN Security Council no-fly zone over Libya will prompt other proliferators to think Khadafi should not have given up his nuclear weapons program ... Interfax; JRL 2011-51, March 21, 2011
:: U.S. Defense Secretary to Court Kremlin on Libya
Robert Gates visits Russia for talks expected to be dominated by the launch of UN-sanctioned military strikes on Libya ... Alexandra Odynova, Moscow Times; JRL 2011-51, March 21, 2011
:: Top Russian Rights Activist Backs Western Air Strikes In Libya
Lyudmila Alekseyeva, head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, believes coalition military strike will stop civil war in Libya ... Interfax; JRL 2011-51, March 21, 2011
:: Democracy for the Chosen: In Russia, One Has to Choose Between Being a Liberal and Being a Democrat
Little by little, the Russian authorities are letting their opinions of the events in the Middle East be known ... Dmitry Babich, Russia Profile; JRL 2011-50, March 18, 2011

:: Libya: Probably best abandoned
Libya is surrounded by two countries with strong militaries, Algeria and Egypt, who could easily send peacekeeping forces to Libya ...
:: Authoritarian Russia Watches As Middle East Unravels
The Public Opinion Foundation made headlines with a survey that found that 49 percent of Russians are prepared to participate in protest demonstrations, up 9 percentage points ...
:: Arab power crisis will echo in Russia - Lavrov
Destabilization in the Middle East and North Africa could lead to aggravation in Central Asia and in Russia's North Caucasus, according to Lavrov ...
:: Russians Blame Arab World Unrest On Low Living Standards - Poll
Russians who are aware of the Arab world unrest think that the main cause of it is low living standards of the population (45 per cent) ...
:: Rogozin warns U.S. against blitzkrieg in Libya
Although NATO has made no comments yet on its decision to ban flights over Libya, it is discussing such a decision ...
:: Lawmaker: U.S. war on Gaddafi may lead to Iraq scenario
A possible U.S. military intervention in Libya might provoke an Iraq scenario, suggested Mikhail Margelov of the Federation Council ...
:: Police Win Right to Close Internet Sites
Russian law reportedly provides police the right to take down web sites without a court order ...
:: Russia offers mixed signals over Libya
A Russian hard line on sanctions, and Medvedev criticism of the Libyan crackdown, has been diluted by mixed messages within the diplomatic community and the spectacle of a leading Nashi member praising Gaddafi ...
:: NATO's Cruel Inaction In Libya
The human tragedy gripping Libya is appalling and cries to heavens ...
:: Ex-Russian premier Primakov advises against intervention in Libya

:: Duma's Kosachev Rules Out Arab Scenario In Russia But Notes 'Lessons'
Kosachev thinks Russian authorities and society should learn lessons from what the events in the Arab world ...
:: Sands of change: Amid spreading protests, Russia is scrambling to work out a new Middle East policy
More North African and Middle Eastern countries have joined the wave of popular revolutions ... :: Moscow Opposes Sanctions for Libya
Despite ongoing violence in Libya, Moscow has rejected calls for sanctions against Colonel Moammar Gadhafi's government ...
:: Mixing up camels and bears
The world scrambles to keep up with rapidly developing protests and revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, as politicians and business analysts examine Russia ...
:: Only Honest Elections Can Save Russia From Middle East Unrest - Communist Leader

:: Kremlin Sees Peril in Arab Unrest
Medvedev argued that the latest revolts in the Arab world were instigated by outside forces that were also scheming to topple the authorities in Russia ... :: Medvedev Says Egyptian Scenario Won't Happen in Russia, But Not Everyone Agrees
Medvedev unintentionally provoked the already ongoing discussion in the Russian Federation about the possible impact of the events in the Middle East on Russia and whether or not similar things could happen there

:: Is Russia ripe for a Twitter revolution?
"But an increase in Internet dissent does not necessarily mean an Egypt-style revolution is on the horizon ..."
:: 'It's like Moscow in the 90s'
Screaming crowds, blood on the streets and stories of political turmoil have been assaulting the headlines since violence kicked off in Cairo last month ...
:: Egypt unrest has Russia worried
Russia has been conspicuously mute as turmoil has spread through the Middle East ...
:: Senior Russian MP Warns Against Egyptian President's Resignation
Kosachev thinks that Mubarak's immediate resignation would be extremely dangerous ...
:: Putin's Feet of Clay
The million-strong protests in Egypt demanding that President Hosni Mubarak step down and last month's uprising in Tunisia serve as important reminders to the Kremlin of how vulnerable an autocracy is to a coup ...

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