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Top Russian Rights Activist Backs Western Air Strikes In Libya

Crowd of Libyan ProtestersMoscow, 20 March: Lyudmila Alekseyeva, head of Russia's oldest human rights organization, the Moscow Helsinki Group, believes that the coalition's military strike will stop civil war in Libya.

"I rather think that in this case this was the right thing to do. Al-Qadhafi is killing his citizens in order to preserve his power. This action is being taken under the auspices of the UN, rather than of an individual state," Alekseyeva told Interfax on Sunday (20 March).

"I was opposed to NATO bombing Belgrade over Kosovo. That's wasn't even stupid, that was criminal. In the case of Libya, we shall hope that all of this is being done in order to minimize the number of casualties among the civilian population, and so that the war that Al-Qadhafi has launched against his own people is stopped," Alekseyeva said.

"The military strikes do present a risk to the civilian population in Libya. But there is also a risk of being killed by Al-Qadhafi. There is a real civil war going on there. I hope that precision strikes will stop it," Alekseyeva said.

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