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1. Reuters: US, Russia want strategic arms agreement by mid-2002.
2. Reuters: Military radar "blind" over 2/3 of Russia -general.
3. Reuters: Russia's TV6 mulls closure, prepares appeal.
4. BBC Monitoring: Staff sacked from Russian magazine Itogi launch new weekly.
5. vesti.ru; The Belovezhskaya Pushcha Pact: Ten Years After. An interview with Sergei Shakhrai.
6. BBC Monitoring: Russian ombudsman says state officials violating human rights.
7. Marian Dent: Pericles Russian Law Letter.
8. Collin Maslov: re 5588-Chechnya.
9. Versty: ON RUSSIA'S CIS STRATEGY. (Konstantin ZATULIN, Director of the Institute of the CIS)
10. The Digital Freedom Network (DFN): DFN HOSTS ONLINE CHAT WITH EDMOND POPE.
11. Reuters: Russia's Zhirinovsky learns to love America.
12. Reuters: WTO chief sees Russia a member by mid-2003.
13. Transitions Online: Kevin Krogman, Opening Up. Russia's drive to join the WTO is part of President Vladimir Putin's policy of becoming an equal partner with the West.
14. The Guardian (UK): Kate Connolly, Moldova dispatch. Transforming Transdniestria.
15. gazeta.ru: Duma Discusses Abolishment of Death Penalty.
16. Moscow Times: Boris Kagarlitsky, City Election of Dead Souls.