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Valdai Club launches new website

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Subject: Valdai Club launches new website
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011
From: valdai@rian.ru

Valdai Club launches new website

On July 5, the Valdai International Discussion Club unveiled the revamped valdaiclub.com website.

As before, the mainstay of the website are the articles by leading Russian and foreign scholars, politicians, and journalists who take part in the Club's activities.

"The Club's main value is the vast intellectual potential shored up among its members. Our goal is to gather the ideas born from the discussions and communicate them to the public," said Pavel Andreev, Executive Director of the Valdai Club Foundation.

However, the new website will pursue an additional objective: to engage a broader audience among those who are interested in expert political, economic, and social analysis in Russia and abroad in the expert debate of the Club's members and contributors.

"The new website offers a complete, up-to-date toolbox for rating, discussing, and sharing the website's contents via social media," Andreev explained. "Valdai Club participants typically assume different points of view, and an equally diverse discussion among the website's visitors will add a new dimension to our work, helping us elaborate strategies for Russia's development and identify its role in the world."

The Club already has some experience in user interaction. Valdai set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter in 2009, and they are quickly gaining in popularity.

Alongside an interactive expert commentary - the Valdai Club members' blogs - the new website features extensive audience feedback tools. Website visitors can become "fans" of their favorite contributors, rate individual articles, and discuss the authors' ideas in the forum. The website will allow the most active and highly qualified users to contribute blogs of their own.

The Valdai Discussion Club was co-established in 2004 by RIA Novosti, the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, the newspaper The Moscow News, and magazines Russia in Global Affairs, and Russia Profile. The Club is named after the location of its first meeting.

Valdai Club conferences held both in Russia and abroad, have attracted dozens of leading political scientists from all over the world. Over the Club's eight years of existence, more than 400 scientists and scholars from over 35 countries have taken part in its work.

In March 2011, the non-profit Foundation for Development and Support of the International Valdai Discussion Club was established to support the Club's further development and promotion of its activities, and to support research in strategy for development of Russia and its foreign policy.

For more information please contact the Executive Committee of the Valdai Discussion Club:

Tel: +7 495 645 65 27; +7 495 645 65 26
E-mail: valdai@valdaiclub.com

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