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One in three Russians still seek superpower status - poll

Military Parade with Russian T-90 Tanks Moscow, 7 September: Russia should be an economically developed and politically influential country, but it has no need to be the leader in the post-Soviet space, according to almost one in two Russians.

A nationwide survey carried out in August by the (state-funded) All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion showed that 42 per cent of those who replied adhere to this view (as against 47 per cent in 2007).

There are somewhat fewer who believe it necessary for Russia to regain the superpower status (33 per cent) the USSR had (as against 34 per cent in 2007).

At the same time, in the opinion of 8 per cent of those surveyed, Russia should concentrate first and foremost on securing the position of leader in the post-Soviet space.

Almost one in 10 Russians (9 per cent), however, did not support the ambitions of the remainder, noting that the country should not chase after any global aims.

It is, first and foremost, young Russians aged up to 34, as well as supporters of A Just Russia, who would like to see Russia as one of the most economically developed and political influential countries. Restoring the status of superpower the USSR had is a priority for elderly Russians and supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

In the meantime, according to the survey's findings, 18 per cent of those who replied believe that Russia is a superpower anyway, while 36 per cent believe that it will become a superpower within the next 10-15 years. Thirty per cent of those who replied are sceptical about Russia's chances in this area.


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