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Most Russians Optimistic About Country's Development Following 2012 Elections - Poll

Map of RussiaMOSCOW. Oct 18 (Interfax) - Most Russians do not expect the situation in the country will worsen following the 2012 presidential elections and believe democratic processes will only be developing, a poll has shown.

Nearly two thirds of the respondents - 63% - expect economic and political reforms in Russia to continue following the elections, 45% expect public and open discussions of the government's actions, and 44% each hope for the strengthening of civil rights and a calm atmosphere in society, the Levada Center sociological service said in presenting results of its survey of 1,600 respondents aged 18 and older it conducted in 130 populated areas in 45 regions of Russia at the end of September and in early October.

As many as 66% of Russians hope that Russia's mutually beneficial cooperation with the Western countries will be growing following the presidential elections.

The poll also showed that the number of Russians supporting the reforms ongoing in the country has been steadily growing from year to year. While 76% of Russians believed that economic reforms had caused more harm than good to the country ten years ago, this figure has shrunk to 42% by October 2011, and the number of those viewing these changes positively has grown to 35% from 14%.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents - 80% - said that they and their families have nearly adapted or fully adapted to the changes that have occurred in the country in the past ten years, while 15% said they will never accept them.

Asked by sociologists about their financial status, only 26% of the respondents said it has worsened over the past year, while 56% said it has not changed and 17% that it has improved.

Only 15% have pessimistic expectations on this account, 19% expect improvement in their financial status, and 55% hope it will not change.

As for their perception of the economic crisis, 25% expect it to worsen, 11% are sure that the crisis has already bottomed out, 12% said Russia has overcome the crisis and 43% believe it is in the process of overcoming it.

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