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Russians' Main Source Of News Still TV, Though Trust In Internet Growing — Poll

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Moscow, 2 August: Russians' trust in the internet is growing at a record rate, but television remains the main source of information for citizens, pollsters from VTsIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Centre) have told Interfax (news agency).

TV still main, most trusted info source

According to their data, 98 per cent of Russians receive information from national television; 88 per cent, from regional TV. Second in terms of popularity is the press (70 per cent of people read the national press; 68 per cent, the regional).

Third is the internet (59 per cent), which is more in demand than radio (national, 53 per cent; regional, 46 per cent).

Russians receive information most rarely from foreign media (26 per cent), pollsters revealed in a VTsIOM poll held in 138 towns and cities in 46 regions, territories and republics of Russia.

National and regional TV inspired the most trust among those surveyed (78 per cent each). Second was the national and local press (70 and 68 per cent, respectively). This was followed by radio (national, 72 per cent; local, 68 per cent) and the internet (information from the internet was trusted by 64 per cent of those who receive information from this source).

Trust in internet, foreign media growing

The most notable growth in recent years has been Russians' trust in the World Wide Web. In 2008, 49 per cent of those surveyed trusted information received from the net; today, 64 per cent.

Although foreign media are still the outsiders in the rating of popular sources of information, this form of mass media shows the second most significant growth in trust over the last four years: from 32 per cent to 43 per cent.

Respondents' trust has also grown in national and regional television (in 2008, 71 and 69 per cent, respectively; this year, 78 per cent each), and the national and regional press (in 2008, 62 per cent each; this year 70 and 68 per cent, respectively).

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