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Russians confused with no time switch

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For the first time in 30 years, Russia did not change the clocks to winter time this past weekend. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev cancelled the switch to winter time in June 2011, arguing that turning the clocks back was "associated with stress and illness." Although switching the clock often leads to some confusion, not switching to winter time did not pass trouble free either.

Rise of the machines

Many people's electronic devices were not aware of the president's order and switched time automatically. Their owners had to resort to asking the time on social networks and trying to figure out the new time difference with the rest of the world.

Numerous Muscovites spotted the incorrect time displayed on city clocks, while others complained about oversleeping and missing trains after their mobile phone alarms started an hour later, Gazeta.ru reported.

Mobile phone operators advised their clients to switch off the automatic change of time settings on their mobile devices. Some devices were more in tune with the times than others.

Users of Apple products had to switch the time back manually, while those with licensed Microsoft software did not have any problems as their computers downloaded the necessary upgrades earlier.

Trains to Ukraine affected

There was some confusion with trains to Ukraine. The country wanted to cancel the time switch at first, but then changed their minds, leaving the timetable in disarray.

Russian railways had to set up a specific timetable for trains going to Ukraine. "During this period [Oct. 31 to Dec. 3] there may be delays in arrival of passenger trains going to and from Ukraine, as well as transit trains that arrive in Russia," Itar-Tass quoted the federal passenger company statement.

Mixed reaction

Experts say there should not be major effects of not changing the time, but people will see less daylight and will be in a worse mood as a result.

"The only small nuisance is that most of the people who work nine till six will not see the light of day at all," psychotherapist Konstantin Olkhovoi told RIA Novosti.

He noted that before it was getting light just after eight, and now it will only be light just after nine, so people will travel to and from work in the dark.

Many also remember that they had to sleep one hour less in March, and it was not compensated in October, as was the case before.

The switch to constant summer time will also affect football fans, as with three hours difference with Central European Time and four hours with Greenwich Mean Time, Champions League games will start an hour later ­ 11:45 pm and finish well past midnight, leaving football fans tired at work.

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