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Russians Blame Police, Special Services For Domodedovo Attack

Scene Outside Moscow Airport After Terrorist Attack, with Security and Rescue Vehicles, and Persons Milling AboutMOSCOW. Feb 4 (Interfax) - Russians are blaming the police and the special services for creating a situation in which terrorists were able to carry out the terrorist attack at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, a public opinion poll shows.

Over half of the respondents (58%) surveyed on January 28-31 characterized the performance of the police and the special services as "bad" and "unprofessional" and believe it contributed to the creation of the situation in which terrorists were able to carry out the Domodedovo terrorist attack, the Levada Center told Interfax on Friday.

Among the other possible causes of the tragedy, 33% of the respondents mentioned corruption among law-enforcement officials and local authorities, and 15% mentioned "high patrons in the Russian authorities."

Twenty-two of the respondents said they believe such terrorist attacks are impossible to prevent.

In response to the question as to what the authorities should do to put an end to terrorism in Russia, 50% of the respondents called for the toughening of anti-terrorist legislation and even introduction of the death penalty for terrorists, 30% believe terrorists' relatives and people assisting terrorists and sympathizing with terrorists should be "punished and removed from the country," and another 30% believe that "terrorists' bases in the Northern Caucasus should be destroyed regardless of the casualties, and 24% believe residents of the Northern Caucasus should be banned from entering and living in Russian cities.

The terrorist attack at Domodedovo Airport occurred on January 24 in the international arrivals section. There is information that the bomb, which was equivalent to 5 kilos of TNT and was stuffed with metal objects to cause more injuries, was blown up by a suicide bomber who was among a crowd of people. Thirty-six people were killed and 180 were injured in the attack.

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