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Orange Revolution Architects Reportedly Working on Strategy For Russia's Right Cause

MOSCOW. July 19 (Interfax) - The Right Cause party has set up a committee to run its campaigns for this December's State Duma elections, party leader Mikhail Prokhorov said on Tuesday.

"We have set up a very battle-ready team. But how battle-ready it is we'll find out on December 5," Prokhorov told Interfax. December 5 is the day the returns of the December 4 elections are due to be published.

Tuesday's issue of Russian daily Kommersant cited Prokhorov's communications adviser Yulina Slashcheva as saying the election strategy would be devised for Right Cause by a team of analysts who were behind the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

Their efforts brought about Viktor Yushchenko's victory in the 2004 presidential election, where he defeated current president, Viktor Yanukovych, Slashcheva told the paper.

In a comment on this, Prokhorov said: "We are setting up a committee where there are people with experience both in Russia and in Ukraine."

Kommersant said the committee is led by Iskander Valitov, Tomofei Sergeitsev and Dmitry Kulikov.

Prokhorov also said he had pulled a plug on most of his business activities after being elected Right Cause leader. "I did leave all my posts, I only remain on some of the boards of directors where the law doesn't prohibit this," he told Interfax.

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