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Redistribution of Authority in Putin-Medvedev 'tandem' Should Strengthen Russia's Governance System - Putin

Vladimir Putin
BEIJING. Oct 11 (Interfax) - The idea to rearrange authority within the so-called tandem of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will strengthen the governance system in Russia, Putin said.

In an interview with Chinese media outlets, Putin said the 'tandem' deserves praise for Russia's successful and dynamic socioeconomic development in the period before the 2008-2009 global economic downturn, for minimizing the crisis consequences for Russia, and for having a well thought-out action plan for years to come.

"I believe the decision that incumbent President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev and I have made is absolutely right, because this will strengthen the governance system rather than weaken it," he said.

"We count on the voters' support, because we believe that we have passed a very difficult period in our country's life caused by the global financial crisis with minimum losses," Putin said.

During the pre-crisis period, the Russian government managed to half the number of people living below the poverty line and to almost double the national economy, he said.

"We are aware of what we need to do and how so as to reach maximum results in developing our country's economy and social sector," the prime minister said.

"This is why I believe that we can leave it for our people, Russian citizens, to judge our proposal at the parliamentary and presidential elections," he said.

Medvedev proposed at a United Russia party congress on September 24 that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin run for president in 2012. Putin said in response that, if United Russia wins the Duma elections, Medvedev should be appointed prime minister after the presidential elections.

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