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OPPORTUNITY: Problems of Post-Communism Call for a New Editor/Editorial Team

Map of Former Soviet UnionDate: Mon, 20 Jun 2011
From: Irina Burns <iburns@mesharpe.com>
Subject: Problems of Post-Communism announcement

Problems of Post-Communism Call for a New Editor/Editorial Team

The publisher of the bimonthly Problems of Post-Communism is looking for a new editorial home for the journal and invites inquiries and proposals from prospective editors.

Problems of Post-Communism is the "privatized" successor to the invaluable Problems of Communism, launched in 1952. When the USIA abruptly terminated publication of Problems of Communism, publisher M.E. Sharpe invited James R. Millar to relaunch the journal as a scholarly but also timely, policy-focused publication. George Washington University's Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs provided the journal with an editorial home for a decade. In 2003 Robert T. Huber took the helm and the journal moved to the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research. Ann E. Robertson has served as managing editor of the journal for both teams. Ronald H. Linden of the University of Pittsburgh joined as associate editor in 2006.

The mission of Problems of Post-Communism is to provide reliable information, readable analysis, and lively debate about the communist and post-communist world, with an emphasis on thoughtful but timely coverage of current economic, political, and international issues. It serves as a meeting ground for scholars, researchers, and policy makers interested in reaching a broad audience of readers both inside and outside the academy. The journal has always been an important resource for students.

Essential assets for the new editor or editorial team include appropriate academic credentials and experience, familiarity with scholarly publishing conventions, a commitment to effective communication with a broad readership, a strong network of currently active researchers and scholars involved in the region (widely defined), and a compatible and actively supportive institutional base. M.E. Sharpe maintains an experienced, proficient, multilingual publishing staff that takes the journal from copyediting through to manufacture, marketing, and distribution in both print and electronic formats.

Please direct inquiries to Patricia A. Kolb, VP and Editorial Director, M.E. Sharpe, Inc.

For more information about Problems of Post-Communism, visit



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