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United Russia, Communist Party, a Just Russia to Qualify For Parliament in 2011 - Poll

Russian DumaMOSCOW. Nov 13 (Interfax) - The United Russia party's electoral rating has not changed over the past year, with 52% of Russians ready to vote for it in the next parliamentary elections, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) said based on the results of a nationwide poll it conducted in 46 regions on November 6-7.

The Communist Party could be currently supported by 9%, which is several percentage points higher than in recent elections, while the Liberal Democratic Party's and A Just Russia party's ratings have been stable (5% and 4% respectively).

Most Russians, 68%, are sure that they will vote exactly this way in the coming State Duma elections. The number of people confident that they will not change their preferences is especially high among supporters of United Russia (87%), the Communist Party (82%), and Liberal Democratic Party (81%).

Another 15% are unsure that they might not change their preferences, and this figure is higher, 33%, among supporters of parties not currently represented in the Duma.

Asked whom they would support if a party they prefer does not run in the elections, 32% are undecided (23% in 2007) and 30% said they will not vote at all (21% in 2007).

As many as 22% of United Russia supporters are potentially ready in this case to vote for A Just Russia, and 44% of those supporting the latter party would vote for United Russia. The poll also showed that 22% of Communist Party and Liberal Democratic Party supporters and 36% of those supporting non-parliamentary parties could also vote for United Russia in certain circumstances.

Asked for whom they will not vote on any circumstances, 40% mentioned the Liberal Democratic Party, 35% Yabloko, and 34% the Communist Party.

Another 14% would never vote for Patriots of Russia and Right Cause, 11% for A Just Russia, and 10% for United Russia.

VTsIOM estimated the potential voter turnout at 51.41%.

Taking into account all these factors, the sociologists expect that United Russia will garner 62.9%, the Communist Party 11.9%, and A Just Russia 8.9% of the vote, while the other parties, according to VTsIOM, would not overcome the 7% qualification threshold.


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