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Russian Duma Passes Bill on Rallies, Demonstrations

Elderly Russian Women Beating Saucepan At ProtestMOSCOW. Nov 27 (Interfax) - Russia's State Duma on Friday passed a draft law on rallies, processions, demonstrations and pickets after revising it on the basis of proposals by President Dmitry Medvedev.

Some of the points had been deleted from the previous version of the bill at Medvedev's insistence.

One of them would have prohibited an individual from organizing an outdoor public event if, as of the moment of notification of the authorities about the planned event, such an individual were under a penalty for breaking the law in organizing another public event of this kind.

The former version of the draft also proposed applying such a rule to political parties, religious associations, other nongovernmental organizations, or divisions of such groups.

Under the previous version of the proposed law, permission from an executive local government body would have been necessary for choosing a public transportation facility as the site of a planned public event. Under the revised version, this would be governable by the legislation of the Russian region where the planned event would take place.

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