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Nearly two-thirds of Russians oppose use of nuclear weapons - poll

Nuclear Detonation Mushroom CloudMoscow, 23 August: Nearly two thirds of Russians, 62 per cent, consider it impermissible to use nuclear weapons even against an aggressor, if this results in mass casualties among civilian population, a poll has shown.

A little more than a quarter of citizens (27 per cent) hold the opposite view regarding the legitimacy of such measures, while 12 per cent of the respondents found it difficult to express their opinion on this issue, sociologists from the VTsIOM (polling organization) told Interfax on Monday (23 August) on basis of the results of a nationwide poll.

It turned out that supporters of the LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) were more inclined to speak "in favour of" legitimacy of the use of nuclear weapons against an aggressor (38 per cent), than respondents voting for One Russia (23 per cent) or the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) (26 per cent).

Opinions of respondents from different socio-demographic groups regarding the legitimacy of such measures as the use of nuclear weapons against an aggressor practically do not differ, the sociologists said.

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