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No Need To Inspect US ABM In Europe For Threats To Russia - Pundit

File Photo of Missile Defense Launch
file photo
"The USA does not have resources capable of posing a threat to or intercepting Russian strategic missiles. There is no need to make sure that the current US weapons are not dangerous for Russia. This is clear. The USA may acquire such resources capable of intercepting Russian missiles by 2018-20, when the setting-up of the missile defence system in Europe will enter the final stage," the general said. The editor of the Moscow Defence Brief journal, Mikhail Barabanov, said that the Americans want to kill two birds with one stone: both to push its missile defence system through and maintain good relations with Russia.

He said: "They are strenuously making various symbolic gestures towards Russia on this issue which are insignificant. This is pure propaganda in the traditional US way to push the missile defence issue through. One can recall that even Reagan promised Gorbachev in 1985-87 to 'share' the technological results of the strategic defence initiative, the then analogue of the missile defence," the expert said.

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