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Medvedev Sees No Options of NATO Membership For Russia

NATO Meeting - .mil imageLISBON. Nov 21 (Interfax) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev does not think that Russia can join NATO but does not rule out closer rapprochement with the alliance, if NATO changes.

"At the present moment I don't see a situation in which Russia could join the North Atlantic Treaty alliance. But everything changes, so does the alliance. And if it changes so much that the question of closer cooperation with it arises, I don't think there can be any closed subjects in this respect," he said at a press conference following the Russia-NATO summit.

Medvedev said that given goodwill and the willingness of partners from the alliance all these subjects can be discussed.

He recognized that today relations between Russia and NATO have become much closer, transparent and predictable. "The potential of these relations is far from being exhausted. I hope that the rapprochement of our approaches will continue on all issues. In this respect I am a greater optimist after the summit than I was before it," he concluded.

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