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JOB VACANCY: Director for Education USA Center in Moscow

Subject: Director for Education USA Center in Moscow
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011
From: "Michael Snyder" <SnyderGM@state.gov>

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I know you sometimes publish job announcements in Johnson's Russia List and we were hoping you would be willing to publish this one. We're looking for a new Director for the Education USA Center here in Moscow ­ the Advisor travels all across Russia, assisting Russian students interested in studying, either as an undergrad or grad student, in the U.S. It's a great opportunity for someone who is really interested in getting to know Russia better and get outside of the two capitals. If you could provide this to interested parties, we would be most appreciative.

Thank you,
Michael Snyder
Public Affairs Staff Assistant
U.S. Embassy Moscow


Russia Country Coordinator for Advising
Moscow, Russia
Position Description


The Russia Country Coordinator for Advising (RCC) is responsible for supporting the network of EducationUSA Advising Centers (EACs) in Russia, and works with a worldwide team of regional and country coordinators who are part of the Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC) Program, funded by the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA).

This program is designed to foster international student mobility between the United States and the rest of the world through the EducationUSA network. The country coordinators and REACs serve as liaisons between the EAC network in the region and U.S. government agencies, institutions of higher education in Eurasia and the U.S., and other international education organizations. The RCC serves an integral role supporting and furthering the REAC Program through focused attention on advising in Russia. Primary responsibilities include consulting with partners on the direction and priorities of educational advising and carrying out initiatives to build the capacity of the EducationUSA network in the Russian Federation. These stakeholders and supporters include Public Affairs Section (PAS) staff in the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg, as well as the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Institute of International Education as well as American Councils and other implementing organizations. The RCC works directly with EACs to ensure high-quality services are delivered in Russia. The position also oversees the implementation of some scholarship initiatives in Russia, including Opportunity Grants.

The RCC is based in Moscow, Russia, and works closely with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and Consulates in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg; the American Councils Country Director for Russia in Moscow; and American Councils Director of Program Administration in Washington, DC. The position reports to the Regional Educational Advising Coordinator for Eurasia, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The RCC also works closely with the leadership of organizations providing advising services in Russia.

The position involves a rigorous schedule of about 50% of time spent traveling.


Leadership and representation:

Maintains active contact with ECA and PAS regarding EducationUSA developments and strategy, including providing reports and statistical analysis on developments in higher education and related reform in Russia.

Coordinates program activities and links EACs to other relevant organizations and programs, such as the American Corners/Centers, College Board, ETS, Overseas Association of College Admissions Counselors, U.S. government exchange programs (Fulbright, Muskie, UGRAD, etc.), U.S. institutions of higher education, education tour providers, and other associations.

Represents the EducationUSA community in individual consultations, public appearances, and meetings with potential and existing partners, and conveys the interests, goals, and objectives of ECA/A/S/A more broadly to develop the EducationUSA network.

Serves as a point of contact on Russian advising and higher education for U.S. university representatives.

Coordinates and administers Opportunity program scholarships for the Russian Federation.

Promotes virtual advising and coordinates webpage integration and consistency for Russian advising centers.

Supports advisers to complete the EducationUSA training process and ensure compliance with ECA/A/S/A website and statistics-reporting requirements.

Monitors center activities through site visits, email and phone communication.

Delivers site visit reports to REAC for Eurasia, ECA, PAS, EACs, and appropriate administering organizations.

Maintains Russia information for Russia Country Profile and database of EducationUSA Advising Centers with current contact information, and ensures relevant data is current on the ECA/A/S/A's website.

Develops annual work and travel plans in collaboration with ECA, the REAC for Eurasia and American Councils.

Evaluation, training and support:

In cooperation with PAS and REAC for Eurasia, determines needs in Russia for EducationUSA training, resources and/or supplemental funds for special projects.

Conducts trainings for U.S. Embassy consular officers on Russian and U.S. systems of higher education.

Travels to advising centers to conduct needs assessment, provide training, and facilitate strategic planning.

Evaluates, updates, and develops training materials.

Collects and shares best-practices/strategies for new projects, services or programming directions through newsletters, electronic bulletins, or other means.

Shares information on other training opportunities for advisers funded by ECA and others.

Works with advisers to create new, more effective advising and outreach models.

Contributes Russia-specific materials to the REAC for Eurasia for reports and other resources.

Selects advisers for in-country trainings via workshops or site visits and facilitates nomination process for U.S. based trainings and conferences.

Evaluates the effectiveness of workshops and trainings.


Supervises EducationUSA Advisers based in the American Councils-administered advising centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok.

Supervises EducationUSA Outreach Assistants, based in various locations throughout Russia.


Fluent in English and Russian.

Graduate degree related to region in: international education or development, international relations, education, or other related area.

Experience living and traveling in Russia, and a demonstrated willingness and ability to undertake an ambitious travel schedule.

Expert knowledge of the system of higher education in the U.S., including such issues as accreditation, the admissions process, standardized testing, and financial aid, as well as of the educational system of the region and current reform issues; preference for firsthand knowledge of U.S. higher education and administration.

Supervisory and training experience.

Cross-cultural skills, especially in the area of communication.

Experience in public speaking and in professional training activities.

Ability to forge and develop connections and work cooperatively with partners and stakeholders from various sectors including higher education communities, U.S. and host country government, private companies.

Excellent time management, strategic planning and implementation, analytical, and computer/internet skills

High level of attention to detail and skills in budget management.


Select this link and follow the prompts: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit/?id=565824

Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.

American Councils improves education at home and abroad through the support of international research, the design of innovative programs, and the exchange of students, scholars, and professionals around the world. American Councils employs a full-time professional staff of over 370, located in the U.S. and in 40 cities in 24 countries of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Asia and the Middle East.

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