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Hazing Still Rampant in Russian Army - Serdyukov

Russian Conscripts with Gear Boarding TrainMOSCOW. March 18 (Interfax) - Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has expressed concerns about the hazing rate in the Russian army.

"We have not succeeded in reducing the hazing rate in the Russian army," Serdyukov told the Defense Ministry collegium on Friday.

"The reason for that is the increase in the number of conscripts, which doubled over the past two years, and serious violations in the work of specific commanders," he said.

At the same time, the measures aimed at strengthening discipline and prevention of violations and crimes in the army have helped reduce the total number of accidents and crimes by almost 20% from 2009, Serdyukov said.

"The stealing of ammunition and explosives has gone down 50%. The percentage of military service evasion has gone down 49%. The number of illegal actions by servicemen against civilians has gone down 32%," the minister said.

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