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Middle East, North Africa events reminiscent of fall of Berlin Wall - Medvedev

File Photo of Crowd of Libyan Protesters, Some with Large FlagMOSCOW. July 14 (Interfax) - The international community must help stop the fighting in the Middle East and North Africa, and organize a negotiating process with the participation of all the parties concerned, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday at a credentials presentation ceremony.

"The world is going through serious trials," which can be seen from a chain of acute conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, Medvedev told the ambassadors. The change underway is of historic nature and may open the door on reforms similar to the ones carried out in Central Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall," he said.

"We are concerned about the active use of military force and the deaths of civilians during these conflicts. It is the duty of the world community to help stop the fighting, and organize talks with the participation of all the parties concerned, as the UN Security Council resolutions demand. We will continue pursuing this policy in the future," Medvedev said.

"The developments in the Arab world have demonstrated again that socioeconomic reforms must be carried out in the right time with the demands of the majority of citizens heeded," he said. "Russia is ready to propose long-term global partnership in order to strengthen the supremacy of law in those countries with the simultaneous maintenance of economic stability," Medvedev said.

Credentials were presented by the ambassadors of Ethiopia, Burundi, Zimbabwe, the Vatican, Japan, Argentina, India, Equatorial Guinea, Vietnam, Salvador and Rwanda.

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