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Russian Leader Looking Into Proposal To Limit Winning Party's Share Of MP Seats

Bocharov Ruchey, 29 August: Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev has instructed the Kremlin administration to consider the proposal made by the Right Cause party to limit the number of seats in parliament obtained by the party which has won the State Duma election to 226 (out of the 450), the leader of the Right Cause, Mikhail Prokhorov, told journalists on Monday (29 August) after his conversation with the head of state.

Prokhorov said that his party had put forward several proposals to the president.

"One of them - to ensure that political monopoly is restricted at least for one or two election periods - (is that) we have put forward a proposal to limit the victory of any party to a maximum of 226 seats in parliament; or, additionally, to a maximum of 50 per cent of the State Duma committees," Prokhorov said.

Apart from that, he proposed Medvedev "to simplify the system to ensure that Russian citizens could vote using their foreign passport". "Also, there should be a large number of advertisements at airports, railway stations, so that people would know that on this day it is possible to vote simply using one's passport," he added.

Another proposal concerns political party advertising. "We now live in the situation of political monopolies and we, as a new non-parliamentary party, have the possibility to advertise ourselves practically 28 days once every five years, and although political advertising is not banned by law, the law on advertising contains such a ban," the politician explained. "I proposed to introduce a separate article into the law on advertising, which would regulate the law on political advertising," he said.

"The president has instructed his administration to work on these issues," Prokhorov said.

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