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More Russians ready to vote for Medvedev at 2012 election - poll

Dmitri MedvedevMoscow, 14 January: Russians would like to see Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (28 per cent) and the incumbent president, Dmitriy Medvedev (17 per cent) as candidates at presidential elections in the spring of 2012, a poll conducted by sociologists from the Levada Centre, conducted in 45 Russian regions between 17 and 21 December, has shown.

Nineteen per cent believe that both politicians should take part in the elections, while 18 per cent oppose the idea, the poll showed.

The number of those who are prepared to vote in favour of Putin at the presidential election is decreasing - 31 per cent as compared to 36 per cent in September 2010.

Medvedev's situation is just the opposite: the number of his supporters is growing (21 per cent against 17 per cent).

Russians are ready to give their votes to Communist leader Gennadiy Zyuganov and Liberal Democratic party leader Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, 5 per cent of votes each.

Another 18 per cent of those polled say that they would come to polling stations but they do not know who to vote for.

Another 8 per cent of those polled are not going to take part in the election at all, while 10 per cent have not yet decided whether they will go to polling stations.

Among the parties One Russia is leading the way - 45 per cent of Russians are prepared to vote in its favour (as compared to 41 per cent in September 2010).

The Communist Party comes second (10 per cent against 11 per cent). Then comes the Liberal Democratic party (6 per cent as compared to 5 per cent) and A Just Russia (4 per cent against 5). The remaining parties attracted the attention of less than 2 per cent of those polled.

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