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Analysts Note Medvedev's 'Logical' But 'Cautious' Words On Election Bid

Dmitri MedvedevMoscow, 12 April: First vice-president of the Centre of Political Technologies Aleksey Makarkin has said that Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev is ready to run for re-election but that he will make a final decision on the issue together with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"Dmitriy Medvedev's statement to the Chinese media is one more presidential bid for him, a bid for a new presidency which fits in with the overall logic in his recent conduct," Makarkin told Interfax today. In his opinion, "Medvedev has shown rather actively that he would like to run for a second presidential term". "However, it is clear that a final decision will be made by two people and that the moment for the decision to be made is perhaps approaching. I do not think that they will be competing against each other. I am certain that they will reach an agreement," Makarkin said.

Commenting on Medvedev's statement, political analyst Gleb Pavlovskiy said that "on the whole his wording was rather cautious and he is observing the tandem rules in place". "Therefore, this statement is not an election manifesto. On the other hand, it responds to the clamour from the political class which needs certain clarity," he added.

Because of this uncertainty "any debates on points of principle between supporters of the current leadership's policy have been put on hold because they are afraid of hurting the candidates who are dear to them", Pavlovskiy said. "However, opponents of this policy are feeling free to act," he said.

He also said that "Medvedev is ready to take that step (to run for a second presidential term - Interfax) but is confident that he will have a conversation with the prime minister in any case because the political formula which the candidate will use to run for presidency will be important. The new formula must guarantee the other person a dignified position and first of all security."

"But in any case, what is significant is that the president feels that it is important to resolve this issue, that it should not be postponed. For the country to continue to move forward, it is necessary to see the 2012 leader," he said. (Passage omitted: in an interview with Chinese TV, Medvedev said that he would soon decide whether or not to stand for re-election (covered by President of the Russian Federation website, Moscow, in English 1500 gmt 12 Apr 11))

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