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Medvedev Asks Russia's Richest To Teach The Young How To Become Rich

Sochi, 31 August: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev intends to propose that Russian businessmen whose wealth exceeds 1bn dollars should teach lessons at schools on the theme "A history of success in life".

"There is an idea. I will convene representatives of our big business circles, mostly people whose wealth count begins at, let's say one billion dollars and tell them all to start teaching lessons at schools," Medvedev said at today's meeting of the presidential commission for priority national projects and demographic policy.

He said he was confident that the initiative would be supported, including by school directors, because "all this is a history of success in life". "In fact, it (success) can take different forms, of course, and not only manifest itself in wealth but this at least merits some interest," he said.

Medvedev asked those present at the meeting, including heads of education establishments whether there was a practice of getting representatives of small and medium businesses involving in teaching at school. He said he was referring to the involvement of businessmen in career advice to school students. Member of the Russian Public Chamber and director of the Tsaritsyno education centre Yefim Rachevskiy confirmed that such practice existed. The issue of getting large businesses involved in these matters was raised by Public Chamber secretary, member of the Academy of Science Yevgeniy Velikhov.


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