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Ex-ambassador Says His Statements on Libya Were "misinterpreted"

MOSCOW. March 24 (Interfax) - Former Russian ambassador to Libya Vladimir Chamov said that he had been misinterpreted and that he had never claimed Russia's position on Libya was treacherous.

"This was never said and could not have been said by convention. Such words are not thrown around and never used in diplomatic correspondence. These terms better fit a sentimental novel," Chamov said on Ekho Moskvy radio on Thursday.

Russia's position is absolutely "clear and it was conveyed in statements, made by President Dmitry Medvedev and the State Duma, and in Vladimir Putin's commentaries," he said.

On his dismissal, Chamov said, "My personal errors were involved." "The president did everything the right way and I did not even protest," Chamov said.

Concerning collection of information during protest rallies in Libya, Chamov compared the work, done by the embassy at that time and in those conditions, to foreign diplomats' efforts to gather information about the events in Novocherkassk.

"All lost their contracts in Libya, including Tatneft, which had to go and which had been working very successfully in Libya, and also Russian Railways, which had been building Libya's first passenger railway," Chamov said.

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