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Moshe Lewin's Death

From: andrea graziosi <angraziosi@gmail.com>
Date Written: August 19, 2010

Author's Subject: Moshe Lewin's death

Moshe (Misha) Lewin, one of the most powerful, original, and complex student of the USSR, died on August 14 in Paris, where he retired 3 years ago. He was born in Vilnius in 1921, and told part of the fascinating and tragic history of his life in an interview re-published in *Visions of History *(New York, Pantheon Books, 1983).

His many friends and élèves will remind him. Personally, I mourn the
death of the person that made it possible for me to seriously study
Soviet history, and will for ever remember his generosity and his often
extraordinarily wise advices.


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