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The 30th annual World Russia Forum, March 29-30, 2011

Map of RussiaDate: Sun, 20 Mar 2011
Subject: The 30th annual World Russia Forum
From: Edward Lozansky <lozansky@gmail.com>

The 30th annual World Russia Forum will be held on March 29-30, 2011 at the U.S. Senate - Hart 902, George Washington University and the Russian Cultural Center.

Forum Agenda features different panels to discuss the feasibility of U.S.-Russia strategic alliance through political & military, business & economics, science & technology, educational & cultural cooperation.

Forum is dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the first man in space mission by Russian Cosmonaut Col. Yuri Gagarin and among the speakers are leading American and Russian politicians, businessmen, and foreign policy experts.

For the full agenda and registration please visit: www.RussiaHouse.org/wrf.php

The World Russia Forum is an annual event that's been going on since 1981. The first session was a tribute to the Soviet dissident and Peace Nobel Laureate Andrei Sakharov on his 60th birthday and for the next 10 years Forum agenda was concentrating on the geopolitical and ideological struggle with USSR.

With the collapse of communism a new era has arrived, and we need to try and get over the cold war thinking and strive to integrate Russia into the Western geopolitical and economic structures. Russia should be regarded as a strategic partner and ally ready to confront the common threats of the 21st century, and not as the successor of the Evil Empire. Germany and Japan did no less, or perhaps even more harm to America and Europe but both are now accepted as our most trusted allies. The Forum's main goal is to discuss how this successful experience can be applied to Russia as well.

For additional information please contact Edward Lozansky at 202-364-0200; lozansky@gmail.com

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