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Half of Russians unhappy with their living conditions - poll

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Moscow, 7 September: Almost half of Russians (45 per cent) have given a bad assessment of living conditions in their cities, the results of an all-Russia study carried out by the Public Opinion Foundation on 28-29 August in 44 constituent parts of Russia have shown.

Thirty-seven per cent of respondents said that they were pleased with the living conditions in their city. Muscovites gave a positive assessment more often than others (57 per cent).

Seventy per cent of respondents think that the living conditions depend on the city's or village's leadership or local authorities; 20 per cent say that residents themselves have to do with this; 7 per cent say that the president, the governor or the head of the region has to deal with this issue, and 6 per cent say that it is the job of the housing and utilities authorities or a managing company.

The most worrying issue for Russians is the bad condition of roads (71 per cent) and poor street lighting (54 per cent). Respondents are also concerned by problems with the collection and removal of waste (34 per cent), air pollution and unsatisfactory environmental situation (33 per cent). In addition, 22 per cent complained about the bad condition of rainwater drainage systems and 20 per cent, about the absence of greenery.

The poll has shown that 61 per cent of Russians consider the amount of money they pay for the housing and utilities services too big. Less than one-third of respondents have estimated it as tolerable or acceptable.

Forty-seven per cent of Russians have estimated the quality of housing and utilities services in the place where they live as bad and 31 per cent, as good. From 47 to 50 per cent of Russians have complained of temporary interruptions in water and electricity supplies and 7-10 per cent, of regular interruptions.

According to the poll, 62 per cent of Russians live in flats, 34 per cent in private houses, 2 per cent in hostels and 1 per cent in shared flats.

Thirty-six per cent of Russians living in blocks of flats estimate the condition of their block of flats as satisfactory (the same number think that their apartment block needs extensive repairs); 21 per cent, as bad and only 7 per cent, as good.


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