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Putin's Report Conveys State Capitalism Concept - Pavlovsky

Vladimir Putin Gesturing at PodiumMOSCOW. April 20 (Interfax) - If Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's report in the State Duma is viewed as an election program, it does not look convincing enough, Effective Policy Foundation President Gleb Pavlovsky has said.

"Of course, this program could be used for election purposes. But it looks a little weak from this point of view. One could win elections with such a program just once. Because the next elections will deal with a Chinese electorate," Pavlovsky told Interfax on Wednesday.

"The country's development strategy is somewhat reminiscent of the one proposed by (Finance Minister Alexei) Kudrin, and is in essence a strategy of state capitalism, which does not envision free entrepreneurship and services for citizens," he said.

"It is a strategy of upgrading the current economy with individual Western elements, which does not imply any change of model. It largely has a finance-ministry bias of distributing resources and control," he said.

"But otherwise, it is a solid speech, delivered by a prime minister under review, which emphasizes all gainful sides and dimming the disadvantages, which is normal, although many of the estimates made and figures cited may be challenged, which will be done, of course," Pavlovsky said.

Political and Economic Communications Agency Director Dmitry Orlov, in turn, told Interfax in comments on Putin's speech in the State Duma that, "it was not an election speech, although it went far beyond the current agenda."

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