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Survivors of Maritime Disaster on Shore Next to Security Officer with BullhornRussia, Disasters
:: The Blame Game: Deadly Flooding in Southern Russia Is the Latest Incident to Have Galvanized Anger at the Authorities ~ The destructive floods that wreaked havoc in southern Russia this weekend, killing more than 170 people, have set off a characteristically Russian blame game — local residents are blaming authorities for failing to warn them, and even for instigating the flood, while authorities look for scapegoats, with the event becoming especially politicized amidst the government's ever-sliding popularity ...

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> OPPORTUNITY: King's College Russia Institute Director post - from Marat Shterin (King's College) 1.24.12
> OPPORTUNITY: Vacancy for Russia Profile Background Editor - from Andrei Zolotov, Jr. (Russia Profile) - 1.27.12
:: Russian Plane Crash Clouds Putin's Goals
Repeated catastrophes highlight the failure to overhaul infrastructure in the world's largest country, even as the government has sought to modernize the economy and remake Moscow into a global financial hub ... Paul Abelsky, Bloomberg; JRL 2011-163, Sept. 9, 2011
:: Grounded Flights: Medvedev Promises Big Changes for Airlines Following Yet Another Deadly Crash
A horrific plane crash in Yaroslavl has left 43 dead and two in critical condition, the ninth air crash in a summer that has made Russia one of the deadliest countries in the world for air travel ... Andrew Roth, Russia Profile; JRL 2011-163, Sept. 9, 2011
:: Medvedev's Impossible Airplane Ban
Two fatal plane crashes within weeks have prompted Medvedev to call for the grounding of the Soviet-made aircraft involved, but he neglected to say how the planes might be replaced ... Alexandra Odynova, Moscow Times; JRL 2011-126, July 15, 2011
:: Rash Of Russian Transport Accidents Raises Safety Issues, Highlights Cost-Skimping And Corruption
A spate of accidents has resulted largely from cost-cutting that skimps on upkeep and safety to maximize profit, compounded by corruption and a cavalier attitude towards safety measures ... RFE/RL; JRL 2011-125, July 14, 2011
:: Russian Boat Disaster Shows Public Immorality - Church Leader
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill said that Sunday's sinking of a cruise boat in a Volga reservoir, with massive fatalities, reflects the degree of immorality in Russian society ... Interfax; JRL 2011-124, July 13, 2011

:: At Least 129 Dead in Volga River Tragedy
The river fleet is almost exclusively in private hands, and the state has all but ignored it ... Alexander Bratersky, Moscow Times; JRL 2011-123, July 12, 2011
:: Medvedev orders nationwide transport safety checks after deadly catastrophes
Medvedev ordered large-scale safety checks of all passenger transport after two fatal transport accidents in Russia in as many days ... RIA Novosti; JRL 2011-122, July 11, 2011 2011

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