Corruption committed mainly by organized criminal groups - FSB chief

MOSCOW. Jan 13 (Interfax) - According to the analysis conducted by the Federal Security Service (FSB), most crimes of corruption are committed by organized criminal groups (OCGs), with only isolated low-ranking members of such groups being prosecuted, said FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov.FSB Headquarters

"The results of the analysis of the criminal investigations suggest that the majority of crimes of corruption are committed by OCGs with a hierarchical structure and strict role distribution," Bortnikov said at a meeting of the anti-corruption council on Thursday.

"We can see that usually only certain corrupt individuals who masterminded criminal schemes are being prosecuted," he said.

"Low-ranking officials are being mainly prosecuted, while the 'big fish,' given their opportunities, escape justice," he added.

The Penal Code provisions regarding OCGs must be applied more actively, Bortnikov said.

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