Corruption Cases Rose By Over 40 Per Cent In 2010- Chief Russian Investigator

Female Hands Grasping Cash At Opening of PurseMoscow, 17 February: Over 100 investigators were prosecuted last year for corruption-related crimes, the head of the Russian Investigations Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin, has said.

"Last year 120 investigators and heads of various investigative bodies and 12 prosecutor workers were prosecuted by us for committing corruption-related crimes," Bastrykin said at a committee board in Moscow on Thursday (17 February).

He said that 48 lawyers, eight members of electoral commissions, 214 deputies in local government bodies, 310 elected officials in local government bodies, 11 deputies of legislative bodies, one State Duma deputy and three judges were also prosecuted for these kind of crimes.

Bastrykin said that 10 heads of directorates and 26 of their deputies had been disciplined for poor investigative work. "Three were dismissed for breaking their professional oath," he said.

He added that on the whole 42 per cent more corruption-related crimes were recorded in 2010 than in 2009, and their number came to almost 60,000. "Around 12,000 cases of bribe-taking were uncovered," Bastrykin said.

"Last year we received over 40,000 reports of corruption, on which 13,500 criminal cases were launched, and in total over 18,000 such cases were in progress. Investigators closed over 8,000 cases, and practically all of them were sent to court. During the course of investigations almost 5,000 corruption-related crimes were additionally solved," Bastrykin said.


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