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Communists of Russia Seek Union With Left-wing Forces to Gain Duma Majority

File Photo of Duma in SessionMOSCOW. July 14 (Interfax) - A public organization called the Communists of Russia has proposed to left-wing political parties to unite in order to win a majority of seats in the Russian State Duma at the next parliamentary elections.

"All the left-wing forces, despite the differences in many points of their manifestos, must unite around one national idea - to defend Russia. We are asking all leading left-wing parties (the Russian Communist Party, Patriots of Russia), as well as all left-wing Communist and patriotic organizations to put all grievances aside and to set up a coalition of left-wing forces," First Secretary of the Communists of Russia Central Committee Maxim Suraikin told a press conference at Interfax on Thursday.

"We want to form a coalition under the civil defense principles. We share some common positions: to restore political democracy, which is currently absent, to preserve and strengthen Russia as a unified state and to fight against manifestations of fascism and nationalism. All these positions are on the manifesto of virtually every left-wing organization," he added.

The idea of a coalition was put forward in October 2010, Konstantin Zhukov, head of the Union of Young Communists' Central Committee, who also took part in the press conference, said.

"We proposed this idea a long time ago. Such a coalition, in the form of any list on the basis of the Russian Communist Party or Just Russia, would muster between 30% and 40%," he said.

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