3-4 million abortions annually made in Russia, over half married couples divorce - expert

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Moscow, June 30, Interfax - Russian academician and rector of the Russian Social University Vasily Zhukov believes the number of abortions in Russia is understated.

"Our statistics don't exactly reflect parameters of this trouble. Indeed, from three to four million abortions instead of declared 1,3 million is annually made in our country," he said speaking at the Moscow demographic summit organized by the World Congress of Families.

Besides, the rector further said, the number of divorces still has a tendency to increase and today there are 60 divorces for 100 marriages.

He reminded that population of Earth reached the first milliard in 1730, the number of people doubled in 1930, it equaled to three milliard in 1960 and to four milliard in 1975. Today the world population is coming up to 7 milliard.

According to Zhukov, on the eve of the World War I the population of Russia was 190 million people, and before 1917 it annually increased for 2 million, which was the highest rating in Europe. Depopulation started in 1992, and it still persists though its scale has decreased.

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