Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
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JRL #7215 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Economy 1 Trouble seen in booming Russian economy. Beneath rosy surface, conditions are ripe for a crash. The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Mark MacKinnson
Soros Cutbacks 2 Soros Says His Foundation Cutting Back In Russia Dow Jones/AP
Putin Cult 3 Russian textile mill making Putin tapestries BBC Monitoring
News Summary 4 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Gazprom 5 Gazprom to consider larger board, more independents Reuters
Iran Nuclear Program 6 Russian TV casts critical eye over fears of nuclear arms in Iran BBC Monitoring
Putin Tactics, Shadow Government 7 VLADIMIR PUTIN IS CREATING A "SHADOW GOVERNMENT." A new way of putting pressure on the Cabinet to improve its performance. Kommersant
Konstantin Smirnov
Glazyev 8 Glazyev May Be Party's Savior or Spoiler Moscow Times
Francesca Mereu
Oligarchs & Government 9 Russian think-tank says big business is plotting to change state system BBC Monitoring
Chernobyl 10 Lessons From Chernobyl The Nation
Paul Webster
Book Printing 11 re 7212: Moscow Times Article on Book Printing in the USSR/ Russia John Squier
Environment, Siberia 12 Publication: "Siberia's Environmental Movement." John Deever
Wrangell 13 Wrangell Debate on the Web Carl Olson
Heritage Week 14 Culture celebrated, Russian-style. Heritage Week will last nine days. New York Daily News
Joyce Shelby
Stalin, Soviet Horrors 15 Reading code Red. You can admire June's lovely 'White Nights,' writes JOHN GRAY, but you cannot forget the country's haunted, tortured past. The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Arms Sales 16 Arms Export Boom Is Losing Steam Moscow Times
Lyuba Pronina
Ukraine Corruption 17 Case shines light on corruption era. Ukraine ex-premier accused in U.S. of money laundering.

Chicago Tribune
Alex Rodriquez