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Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003
Subject: Publication: "Siberia's Environmental Movement" (ISAR's Give & Take)
From: "John P. Deever" <john@isar.org>

"Siberia's Environmental Movement"
ISAR Announces the Spring 2003 Issue of
Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia

ISAR: INITIATIVE FOR SOCIAL ACTION AND RENEWAL IN EURASIA, a US-based NGO (http://www.isar.org), is pleased to announce the Spring 2003 issue of its quarterly publication, Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia.

Some consider Siberia an empty expanse between the onion domes of Moscow and the salmon runs of the Russian Far East, but it is an important region in its own right. It has its own unique character and spirita combination of the intellectual influence of transplanted scientists, the spiritual connection of its indigenous communities, and an understanding of the need to address challenges by working together. The oil industry, with its millions of dollars in investments and powerful international partners, is far more visible than those who practice grassroots civil society development, but the efforts of the local NGOs have an endemic strength that is all their own. Give & Take calls attention to these independent voices and seeks to include them in the wider dialogue. In this issue of Give & Take, we explore the threats to Siberia's environment and the efforts of grassroots activists to address them. The state of the environmental movement in Russia can be measured by the successes of NGOs in its provincesthe heartland of Siberia, a Russia within Russia.

Drawing on ISAR's grassroots contacts and 20 years of experience encouraging citizen initiatives in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Give & Take blends stories about local NGO activity with analysis of the trends affecting civil society development. Back issues available.

SUPPORT GIVE & TAKE: Give & Take is available in .pdf format at <http://www.isar.org>. We ask that readers make voluntary contributions to support ISAR's work. For a hard copy of the latest issue, or to order back issues, please send $5.00 (checks drawn on a US bank only) to John Deever (john@isar.org), ISAR, 1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite #301, Washington, DC 20009

John P. Deever
Publications Program Officer
Initiative for Social Action and Renewal in Eurasia
1601 Connecticut Ave NW #301
Washington DC 20009
tel: 202-387-3034, fax: 202-667-3291

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