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JRL #7137 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Iraq War,
Russian Convoy
1 US investigates Russian convoy shooting in Iraq Reuters
Vershbow on
Iraq War,
Russian Convoy
2 Vershbow: Convoy Changed Its Route Moscow Times
Nabi Abdullaev
Vershbow on
Iraq War, Russia
3 US envoy urges Russia to focus on common goals in post-war Iraq BBC Monitoring
Human Rights
4 Russia Accused of Chechnyan Violations AP
Iraq War,
Russian Media
5 Russian media coverage of Iraq Jody Ferguson
Iraq War,
Russian Media
6 Russian reporter in Baghdad sees quick end to war. (NTV correspondent Denis Shuisky) gazeta.ru
Political Parties 7 Life and Death of United Russia Moscow Times
Andrei Piontkovsky
Tatarstan, Mongols 8 A second chance for Genghis Khan? Tatarstan is trying to rehabilitate Russia's traditionally dim historical view of the Mongols. Christian Science Monitor
Fred Weir
Political Parties 9 Party leader Nemtsov says Russia needs 'political government.' Interfax
Oligarchs 10 Russians not fond of oligarchs Interfax
Oligarchs 11 Russia's 'most hated' tycoons BBC
Youth, CIS 12 The Next Generation and its Leaders: Post-Soviet Youth in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. (Nadia Diuk) Kennan Institute
event summary
Economy 13 'Reaganomics' Under Russian Conditions Vremya MN
Vladimir Gurvich
Economic Growth 14 Wither Russia -- a model of economic growth Prime-TASS
Ben Aris
World Order 15 RUSSIA HAS A FUTURE OF ITS OWN Krasnaya Zvezda
World Order 16 Is Iron Curtain Enclosing Russia? pravda.ru