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Party leader Nemtsov says Russia needs 'political government'

LONDON. April 4 (Interfax) - Union of Right Forces leader Boris Nemtsov said "a political government" should be formed in Russia after the December elections to the State Duma which would represent all the parties to win in the elections.

"Such a government would be responsible and open," Nemtsov said at the Russian Economic Forum in London on Friday.

Many people oppose this idea, fearing that the left-wing parties will win the elections and will then form the government, he said. At the same time, Nemtsov believes that "nothing terrible will happen." "If the left-wing parties win, it means Russia will have a left-wing government, but they will most likely not win," Nemtsov said.

In the meantime, the creation of a "political" government will help decrease corruption in Russia, make political forces more responsible and boost reforms.

Characterizing the situation in Russia before the elections, Nemtsov said the leading party is now the Communist Party, which is supported by 25-35% of the voters.

The main reason for this is poverty, Nemtsov said. According to him, 34 million Russians are living on incomes of $2 per day. "Naturally, this situation leads people to vote for the Communists," he said. This problem can be solved by developing small and middle-sized businesses, he said.

The second most popular party is United Russia, Nemtsov said. he characterized this party "as the ruling party," which is supported by "bureaucrats who want to save their jobs." The politicians and economists that make up United Russia "are leading one to believe that this party is not capable of reforms and is a stagnant party," Nemtsov said.

Nemtsov said he hopes that the "reform parties," in which he includes the Union of Right Forces, will receive a considerable number of votes in the upcoming elections.

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