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Iraq War 1 Russia changes tack on Iraq UPI
Anthony Louis
Nuclear Treaty 2 In further bid to mend US ties, Putin promises to ratify nuclear accord AFP
Iraq War 3 Over half of Russians say U.S. fights unsuccessfully in Iraq - poll Interfax
Anti-Americanism 4 Russia's Politics of Anti-Americanism Washington Post
Masha Lipman
U.S.-Russian Trade, Poultry 5 Russia to Be Flexible on U.S. Poultry AP
Tuberculosis Loan
6 Russia Accepts AIDS, Tuburculosis Loan AP
Russian Language Instruction 7 Students fear contract change will weaken school's status Times Higher Education Supplement
Nick Holdsworth
Oil 8 The 'axis of oil'-I UPI
Sam Vaknin
Oil 9 The 'axis of oil'-II UPI
Sam Vaknin
Politics, Corruption Investigation 10 Russian PM enmeshed in fish scam The Guardian (UK) Nick Paton Walsh
Aeroflot 11 Aeroflot Declares End to Its Cold War on Fliers New York Times
Michael Wines
Space Station 12 Russia Says Spending On Space Will Rise. Threat to Close Station Dropped. Washington Post
Eric Pianin
St. Petersburg 13 City of superlatives. St. Petersburg has seen the best and worst of times during its 300-year history. Baltimore Sun
Douglas Birch
Putin, Elections 14 Complacent Constituents and Political Power. (re Elections Without Order: Russia's Challenge to Vladimir Putin by Richard Rose and Neil Munro) Metropolis (Moscow Times) book review
Caroline McGregor
Iraq War 15 A Refutation of Arithmetic: An Interview with Nikolai Zlobin Expert