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The Guardian (UK)
April 5, 2003
Russian PM enmeshed in fish scam
Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow

The Russian judicial authorities said yesterday that they wanted to question the prime minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, in connection with a wide-ranging investigation into corruption in the fishing industry. The deputy prosecutor general said there were "questions for several top officials, including Mr Kasyanov", in the crackdown on corruption in the industry, for which one minister has already been arrested.

The questions involve Mr Kasyanov's decision to raise the fishing quotas in a manner "inconsistent with the law", the prosecutor said. So far the deputy fishing minister and a former aide of the governor of Magadan have been arrested.

One alleged scam involved the illegal catching and sale of crab worth 3.8m.

Tatiana Razbash, a spokeswoman for Mr Kasyanov, had no comment yesterday. There has been speculation that Mr Kasyanov, who is widely unpopular, may soon be replaced by President Vladimir Putin.

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