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Russian Muslim Anti-U.S. Jihad 1 Russian Moslems announce jihad against USA Interfax
Iraq War, Anti-Americanism 2 Why Russians Want Iraq to Win Wall Street Journal
Kirill Rogov
U.S.-Russian 3 PARTNERSHIP BALANCE-SHEET. Why fool ourselves? Moscow Tribune
Stanislav Menshikov
U.S.-Russian 4 Stop appeasing Russia Washington Times
Svante Cornell
U.S.-Russian 5 Opinion: US-Russian Partnership No Longer Exists Rosbalt
U.S.-Russian 6 At a Critical Juncture Washington Post
Yuri Ushakov
Iraq War, Oil, Vershbow 7 This is Not A War for Oil Izvestia
Alexander Vershbow
Iraq War, Russia, Europe, Media 8 Russian, European Media Critical of U.S.-Led Forces Los Angeles Times
Robyn Dixon
Henry Chu
Iraq War, Baghdad,
Russian Embassy
9 Damaged Relations. Moscow is angry about U.S. bombs near its Baghdad embassy. Washington complains Russian weapons are being used against its troops. Can the Bush-Putin bond survive the war? Newsweek web exclusive
Christian Caryl
Population 10 Duma fails to stimulate birth rate gazeta.ru
Chechnya War Crimes 11 Call for Chechnya war crimes court angers Russia Reuters
Administrative Reform 12 NO ONE WANTS THE ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS...before the presidential election Gazeta
Olga Redichkina
Svetlana Ivanova
Industry 13 "Wit is Woe" or the dilemma of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich
(re "the advantages of smallness and specialisation in Russia)
Ren Nyberg
Ambassador of Finland to Russia:
Politics 14 Deputy Alksnis Says Feeling Ashamed of the Country pravda.ru