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#1 - JRL 7130
Russian Moslems announce jihad against USA

UFA. April 3 (Interfax) - The Central Islamic Department of Moslems of Holy Russia (the former Central Moslem Department of Russia and CIS European Nations) has declared a jihad against the United States, Russian Supreme Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin told Interfax on Thursday.

This is the second resolution announcing a jihad against a country in Russian history over the last hundred years, Tadzhuddin said. Russian Moslems announced a jihad for the first time against Germany in 1941, Tadzhuddin said.

"Russian Moslems have levers of efficient influence on the United States. For instance, we will raise donations for a fund, and use the money to buy armaments for fighting America and food for the people of Iraq," Tadzhuddin said.

He did not say which particular forms the jihad would take, but noted that results of the holy war might be expected two to three days from now.

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