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Patriarch's Pond 1 Moscow literary site saved after residents protest. (Patriarch's Pond) Reuters
Iraq War 2 Resilient Lines of Communication Moscow Times
Ivan Safranchuk
U.S.-Russian Relations 3 POLITICAL SCIENTISTS ADVOCATE PEACE - WITH AMERICA. Experts say that Moscow should remain Washington's ally following its instinct of self-preservation. Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Iraq War,
U.S.-Russian Relations
4 War Shows Fragility Of U.S.-Russia Links. Bush-Putin Ties Rest on Weak Foundation With Old Suspicions Rearing Their Heads. Wall Street Journal
Allan Cullison and Jeanne Whalen
Putin & Bush 5 Putin, Bush ties expected to survive Washington Times
Alice Lagnado
Putin & U.S. 6 Strong leader strikes cool note in US relationship: For now, the public approval rating of Russia's president is so high as to seem indestructible. Financial Times (UK): Robert Cottrell
World Order 7 IRINA KHAKAMADA: A COMPROMISE NEEDED Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Iraq War 8 Russia warns of Iraqi fallout Asia Times
Sergei Blagov
Iraq War, North Korea Nuclear Program 9 Russia says Iraq war pushing NK to get N-weapon Reuters
Iraq War 10 A WAR ALL THE SAME. Ambitions plus ammunition. An analysis of the war in Iraq from Russia's standpoint. Novoe Vremya
Gennadi Gerasimov
News 11 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Media 12 Fueling the Information War Moscow Times
Alexei Pankin
Carnegie Event: U.S.-Russian Relations 13 Subject: Live at Carnegie event on Thursday with Lilia Shevtsova. Karen Jacob
Silk Road Conference 14 Silk Road Conference at the University of Kansas Erik Herron
British Library
Stalin Exhibition
15 Stalin exhibition at the British Library in London Chris Thomas
Lawsuit 16 Russian Suit Dismissed in U.S. New York Times
Sabrina Tavernise
Business, Investment 17 Russia's Emerging Consumer Market To Spawn IPOs Dow Jones
Chechnya War 18 Chechnya Conflict. Life in a climate of violence. There are slim grounds for hope by a population that has suffered hardship and terror. Financial Times (UK) Andrew Jack