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Russell Johnson 1 Obituary for Russell Johnson Athol Daily News (Massachusetts)
Government Reform, Transparency 2 Kasyanov signs ruling on public access to govt information Prime-TASS
U.S. Visas 3 25% of Russian Applicants Refused US Visas Rosbalt
Afghanistan War
4 USSR's war in Afghanistan was a mistake - Gorbachev Interfax
News 5 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Chechnya 6 Russian calls situation 'typical guerrilla war.' (Sergei Kovalev) Washington Times
Olga Kryzhanovska
Putin 7 Three years of Putin's progress The Russia Journal
Bruce Bean
Russia, France, Germany 8 Russia Seen in 'Triple Alliance' With France, Germany Against US 'Domination.' Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Vitaliy Tretyakov
Agriculture, Reform 9 Farmland Reform May Prove Putin's Lasting Legacy RFE/RL
Gregory Feifer
Literature Magazine 10 Continent magazine Marina Adamovitch
U.S.-Russian Relations, Meeting 11 Evolving U.S.-Russian Relationship. A meeting with experts of the Institute for Applied
International Research (IAIR), Moscow
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace meeting summary
Putin, Polls 12 SUPPORTERS AND OPPONENTS OF PRESIDENT PUTIN IN 2001-2002 (polls) Vremya Novostei
Igor Zadorin
Oil, Foreign Investment, BP 13 Not beyond petroleum. (re BP deal) The Economist (UK)
Foreign Investment 14 Glimmers of an Investor-Friendly Russia New York Times Sabrina Tavernise