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Russia's demographic problems not as severe as "sceptics" claim, says minister

Moscow, 22 January: The results of Russia's 9 to 16 October nationwide census will be published at the beginning of April, State Statistics Committee Chairman Vladimir Sokolin told the State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, on Wednesday [22 January].

He said the census had been successful.

He added that Russia's population now stands at 145m people, according to the census preliminary results, whereas the population was expected at 143m people.

"For the first time in modern history, we have a record of the Russian population," he noted.

Sokolin said that Chechnya's population had increased, since Chechen immigrants had returned from Kazakhstan and other regions of Russia, but did not provide any figures.

He noted that 8m dollars had been allocated from the federal budget to undertake the census.

Nationalities Policy Minister Vladimir Zorin said earlier that the previous census, held in 1989, showed Russia's population at 147m. Russia's borders remain unchanged from 1989.

The latest census data "refutes sceptics' forecasts that the country's population has dropped significantly from the number that was registered during the 1989 census", Zorin said.

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