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2003 Resolutions 1 13 Resolutions to Usher In Old New Year Moscow Times
Putin New Year's Resolution 2 Government Makes New Year's Resolutions St. Petersburg Times
Torrey Clark
Reforms 3 Russians pledge to continue pursuing reform Financial Times (UK)
Andrew Jack
Media Dangers
4 148 journalists died of unnatural causes in Russia in past 10 years - Glasnost Defense Foundation Interfax
Interior Ministry
5 Russians show greater confidence in Interior Ministry ITAR-TASS
Audit Chamber
6 Russian Audit Chamber plans series of probes in 2003 ITAR-TASS
Post-Soviet Affairs Publication
7 NCEEER announcement regarding Problems of Post-Communism  
Missile Defense
8 LET'S BUILD MISSILES TOGETHER. Failures of the anti-ballistic missile defense system force the United States to come to Russia for help. Vremya Novostei
Nikolai Poroskov
Arms Exports
9 Russia to adopt NATO classification for arms sales AFP
Labor Unions
10 Trade Unions at Crossroads Moscow Times
Boris Kagarlitsky
Energy Reform
11 Key reading of Russia power reform bill seen Feb. Reuters
Military Draft, Abuse
12 Russian Soldiers' Mothers Work Together AP
Chechnya Referendum
13 A Sham Referendum in Chechnya New York Times editorial
Chechnya Constitution
14 Authorities push ahead with 'useless' constitution gazeta.ru
Political Parties
15 PYGMY PARTIES PLAY BIG-TIME GAMES. Parties grow out of all proportion on the eve of the parliamentary election. Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Maksim Glikin
Job Announcement & Internship
16 Position and Internship at Center for Russian Leadership Development  
Winter Disaster,
Heating Systems
17 Russia: A Cold Snap and Snapping Tempers. Russians call for change as heating systems collapse in the coldest winter in years -- but the call for reform remains muted. Transitions Online Sergei Borisov
North Korea & Russia
18 North Korea : Russia talks a good game Asia Times
Stephen Blank
Duma, Power-Sharing 19 Duma to begin session with power-sharing laws ITAR-TASS
Economy 2003 20 FEAST ON THE EVE OF A PLAGUE. Pre-crisis stability will be the feature of the Russian economy in 2003. Profil
Dmitry Orlov